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sEMG of Swallowing, Coughing and Speech

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posted on 2023-10-25, 08:19 authored by Johnny McNulty, Martin BirchallMartin Birchall, Anne VanhoestenbergheAnne Vanhoestenberghe

Dataset for in-progress manuscript by the associated authors.

Data Summary:

Dataset consists of 3-channel surface electromyography (sEMG) recorded from under the chin (submental muscles) and chest (intercostal and diaphragm muscles) from 11 study participants (8 control, 3 throat cancer).

Each participant attended 4 sEMG recording sessions, each session consisting of the following:

  • 15 swallows (5 dry, 5 water, 5 banana).
  • 3 cough recordings, each recording comprising 5 coughs.
  • 3 speech recordings, each comprising 10 spoken sentences from the Harvard sentences (IEEE, "IEEE Recommended Practice for Speech Quality Measurements," IEEE Trans. Audio Electroacoust., vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 225-246, 1969).
  • 6 movement recordings comprising the actions of standing, walking, reaching, twisting and sitting.
  • 1 baseline recording, participant remained still for 60 seconds while baseline signals were recorded.

Sound was recorded concurrently during swallow and speech recordings using a contact microphone placed over the cricoid cartilage. Pneumotachometry (airflow) was recorded during coughing.

Data Folders and File Notes: 

Dataset contains both raw and processed data (signals have been normalized to baseline recording and excessive artefacts removed).

1 folder exists per session: "P1_S1" corresponds to Participant 1 Session 1 data. 

1 .csv file exists per recording. From left to right .csv columns correspond to:

  • Submental sEMG, Intercostal sEMG, Diaphragm sEMG, Pneumotachometry, Contact Microphone, Class Label.
  • mV,mV,mV,cmH20,V,N/A (Units for raw data)

Class labels are as follows:

0 - Null (anything outside the other classes)

1 - Swallow phase 1 (preparation activity for swallowing such as chewing, sipping etc.)

2 - Swallow phase 2 (swallow reflex, larynx elevation following submental muscle contraction)

3 - Cough

4 - Speech

Movement recordings start with standing and end with sitting. The order of walking, twisting and reaching is randomised and summarised by the recording title e.g. "08_reach_twist_walk.csv" indicates an order of reach-twist-walk.

Files ending in "SW" indicate an out-of-protocol swallow took place e.g. participant swallowed during a cough recording.

Swallow files ending in "N2" or "N3" contain 2 or 3 swallows respectively.

>1 baseline recording may exist in a session. If electrodes became detached during a session the baseline recording was repeated and subsequent recordings in the session normalised according to the latter baseline.

Hardware Setup:

Two submental electrodes (EL513, 10 mm diameter, BIOPAC Systems UK) were  placed on the midline, posterior to the mental protuberance, with 20 mm  interelectrode distance. 

Three electrodes (EL503, 11 mm diameter,  BIOPAC) were placed on the right 9th/10th intercostal space close to the  anterior axillary line, with 35 mm interelectrode distance. The  posterior two electrodes formed the intercostal recording dipole. The  anterior electrode and a single electrode placed on the left 9th/10th  intercostal space formed the diaphragm recording dipole. 

Two reference  electrodes (EL503) were placed on the midline over the sternum. 

Two  wireless EMG recorders (BIOPAC BN-EMG2 BioNomadix, 2,000 Hz sampling  rate, 2,000× gain, 5 to 500 Hz bandpass filter) were placed at the waist  and on the head to minimise relative cable length and motion artefacts.


Intratracheal Valve device for intractable aspiration: ITV

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