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Framework for social-ecological resilience

posted on 2022-01-04, 12:23 authored by Rachna Leveque
A three-dimensional model for implementing resilience in social-ecological urban systems (SEUS), where the capacities and actions of actors, and the connections between them, continually influence system dynamics. Building urban resilience requires actors within the social-ecological (urban) system to understand the multi-scalar system (city, region, neighbourhood, planet) in itself and as a context for their actions, incorporate diversity within the process, and encourage and manage the resultant heterogeneity. These correspond to three areas of social-ecological resilience theory: spatial-temporal interconnectedness, diversity, and heterogeneity respectively.

Developed as part of a paper presented at the AESOP YA conference in February 2013.


Industrial Doctorate Centre: Urban Sustainability and Resilience

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

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