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β-lapachone regulates mammalian inositol pyrophosphate levels in an NQO1- and oxygen-dependent manner

posted on 2023-08-01, 13:47 authored by verena eisenbeis, Danye Qiu, oliver gorka, lisa strotmann, Guizhen Liu, isabel prucker, Bessie SuBessie Su, Miranda Wilson, Kevin Ritter, Christoph Loenarz, Olaf Gross, Adolfo SaiardiAdolfo Saiardi, Henning J. Jessen

These are the raw data used to generate all the figures presented in the manuscript "β-lapachone regulates mammalian inositol pyrophosphate levels in an NQO1- and oxygen-dependent manner". All the methods used to generate the data are presented in the article.


This study addresses the important question of how mammalian inositol pyrophosphates PP-InsP levels are changing in response to reactive oxygen species (ROS). Using capillary electrophoresis electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (summarized MS data presented in dataset files), the authors found that the application of β-lapachone, a quinone drug that generates oxidative stress in cellulo, reduces PP-InsP levels. The inhibition was dependent on the presence of NQO1 (Western blots) and was achieved at least partially by inhibiting IP6K (PAGE gels). This study thus provides mechanistic insights into the pharmacology of β-lapachone.


Medical Council Research Grant MR/T028904/1

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) under Germany’s Excellence Strategy (CIBSS–EXC-2189– Project ID 390939984, to O. Groß and H.J.J.)

DFG (Grant JE 572/4-1)

The Volkswagen Foundation (Momentum Grant 98604)

German Scholars Organization and Carl Zeiss Foundation (GSO/CZS 20)

SFB 1160 (Project ID 256073931)

SFB/TRR 167 (Project ID 259373024)

SFB 1425 (Project ID 422681845)

SFB 1479 (Project ID 441891347)

GRK 2606 (Project ID 423813989)

European Research Council Starting Grant 337689, Proof-of-Concept Grant 966687, and the EU-H2020- MSCA-COFUND EURIdoc program (No. 101034170)


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