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Fine Scale Structure in Cometary Dust Tails - Figure 6.15a - Temporal maps of C/2002 V1's bright stria (as seen by C3 Clear with MGN enhancement)

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posted on 2021-12-07, 15:52 authored by Oliver Price, Geraint JonesGeraint Jones
Three temporal maps showing how the localised density enhancement model compares to observations of the bright stria in C/2002 V1's dust tail as seen by LASCO C3 clear with MGN enhancement

The tail is shown from 2003 February 18th at 07:54 UT until February 19th 04:54 UT. Dust is displayed from the region of 0.2 < βr < 2.5 with ejection times from 2003 February 16th 18:00 UT through to February 17th 18:00 UT.

Dots showing the simulated position of the dust tail after interaction with a localised region of high density. Dust particles unaffected by the local density enhancement are shown in cyan, with those dynamically altered by the local density enhancement shown in magenta.


This research was supported by a UK Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) PhD studentship.