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posted on 2022-10-03, 09:00 authored by Julia Truscott, Laura BentonLaura Benton

Researchers often involve young children in their work and hearing directly from children helps to better understand their experiences. As a first step, researchers working with children need to explain their research to children (and their parent/guardian) to help them decide if they would like to take part. However, children are often not familiar with the role of a researcher. 

For children to make an informed choice, they need to have some idea of what 'research' actually is, but it can be difficult to explain this to them in a simple, understandable way. Therefore, we have developed a video resource that aims to support the informed consent process with young child research participants. This short, engaging video is intended to be used by researchers from a variety of fields to help them explain what they do to young children (age 3-7 years).


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