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Presentations from the Launch of the UCL Research Data Repository

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posted on 2019-07-09, 14:48 authored by James A J WilsonJames A J Wilson, June HedgesJune Hedges, Rebecca O'ConnellRebecca O'Connell, Daniel Hook, Paul AyrisPaul Ayris
These are the slides that were presented at the launch of UCL's Research Data Repository event on the 5th June, 2019.

The event featured three talks considering the impact of data repositories: on Open Science; on artificial intelligence (without slides); and on sharing and re-using qualitative data. These were followed by a presentation by the CEO of Digital Science on the benefits that Figshare can bring to an institution, and a short presentation on the context in which Figshare is being deployed at UCL. The event concluded with a question and answer session.


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