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Dialogues For One: Single-User Content Creation Using Immersive Record and Replay

posted on 2023-08-16, 11:39 authored by Klara BrandstatterKlara Brandstatter, Anthony SteedAnthony Steed

This repository contains the Unity project and the dialogue data we used for our user studies.

The Unity project contains the record and replay tool that we used for creating the single-user and multi-user recordings. The record and replay tool is integrated into Ubiq, a Unity networking library for research, teaching, and development (Apache License Version 2.0).

For creating the dialogues dataset, we recruited two female non-professional actors who recorded 20 short dialogues together and separately in VR on a Quest 2 and an Oculus Rift using the record and replay tool. The 20 dialogues were taken from Amazon's Commonsense-Dialogues dataset (License CC BY-NC 4.0).

We provide the raw data that we used for the VR study and the videos we used in the Web study.


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