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R code as R Markdown file for paper "Jordan - Embodied emissions policies – design options and political mobilisation potential"

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posted on 2024-01-04, 12:17 authored by Nino JordanNino Jordan

The topic of greenhouse gas emissions embodied in products is gaining in prominence and the possibilities for measuring and verifying them are improving. This provides fertile ground for those who demand that climate policy should address such embodied emissions. There are different design options for policies targeting embodied emissions. Such differences affect which groups can be mobilised in their favour. This paper shows that procurement standards which target intermediate products can mobilise the support of relatively low carbon producers of high carbon materials, while product standards which target final products can mobilise the support of producers of relatively low carbon materials producers and knowledge-intensive service providers. Here the code for a network analysis corroborating the theoretical analysis in the paper is provided.

The code is provided in R markdown. You will need R, RStudio and certain packages for running it. The script lists all the required versions of the different packages. Successful execution depends on the presence of the corresponding dataset with the DOI 10.5522/04/24893487 in the same folder.


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