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An interdisciplinary mixed-methods approach to developing antimicrobial stewardship interventions: Protocol for the Preserving Antibiotics through Safe Stewardship (PASS) Research Programme: Supplementary materials

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posted on 2020-01-08, 13:30 authored by Laura ShallcrossLaura Shallcross, Fabiana Lorencatto, Christopher Fuller, Carolyn Tarrant, Jonathan West, Rosanna Traina, Catherine Smith, Gillian ForbesGillian Forbes, Elise CraytonElise Crayton, Patrick Rockenschaub, Peter Dutey-Magni, Emma Richardson, Ellen FragaszyEllen Fragaszy, Susan MichieSusan Michie, Andrew HaywardAndrew Hayward
This document includes interview schedules for primary-care, secondary-care and care-homes investigating the barriers and levers to antibiotic stewardship. And are supplementary materials for the protocol published in Wellcome Open.

The document also includes the proforma for data extraction for the systematic review of published interventions used to improve stewardship activities in these settings