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Christiana McMahon is a Research Data Support Officer at UCL. She is an advocate of best practice in research data management and advises researchers on managing research data and other outputs across the research data lifecycle. She also has extensive teaching experience in areas such as writing data management plans and applying open science and scholarship principles. Christiana has a Ph.D. in Health Informatics focusing on managing research data and associated metadata in public health and epidemiology from UCL (London, UK). She also has a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Informatics from St. George’s, University of London.


  • A novel framework for assessing metadata quality in epidemiological and public health research settings.
  • A novel metadata management model to capture consent for record linkage in longitudinal research studies.
  • Improving metadata quality assessment in public health and epidemiology
  • Enhancing Discoverability of Public Health and Epidemiology Research Data
  • Ph.D. Thesis - The evaluation and harmonisation of disparate information metamodels in support of epidemiological and public health research
  • Research Data Management: The 2020 review
  • A brief introduction to creating and sharing FAIR data at UCL
  • Open Science & Scholarship: Introduction to Open Data
  • Research Data Management: The 2021 Review

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