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Global Covid Study Webinar Report

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posted on 2021-09-03, 11:46 authored by Keri Ka-Yee WongKeri Ka-Yee Wong

The UCL-Penn Global COVID Study examines the short- and longer-term effects of COVID-19 on people's mental health, physical health, and social trust in others. This study consisted of three online surveys of 20-30 minutes long administered at Time 1 (April to July 2020), Time 2 (October - January 2021), and Time 3 (April to July 2021) to participants 18+ years and resident of any country. The survey was available in 7 languages. For more information about study specifics, please visit our OSF page.

This summer webinar series sponsored by the UCL Global Engagement Fund featured five themed papers presented by study collaborators and critiqued by leaders and experts in policy, public health, economics, sustainability, aging, and psychology. The latter group of experts were not part of the study and helped inform and provide a more balanced debate on the application of our study findings and completmentary insights on the impacts of COVID-19. All webinar papers will now be peer-reviewed and collated alongside discussant commentaries in an open access COVID special issue as part of the UCL Open: Environment Journal. Webinar recordings can be found on our study website (

This document summarises the webinar series including key take home messages and recommendations as helpfully collated by my research assistants, Kyleigh Melville, Kimberly Loke, and Sammi Lee from the UCL Institute of Education. We hope this document will spark new ideas, conversations, and action. Should you have comments/suggests, please feel free to reach out to us at

Dr Keri Wong

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