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Career Support for Undergraduates’ Engagement with Services (CUES) - For Staff

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posted on 2023-11-30, 10:38 authored by Keri Ka-Yee WongKeri Ka-Yee Wong, Jordan Lam, Martha Oakes


CUES (Career Support for Undergraduates’ Engagement with Services) began as a UCL Changemaker funded project that aimed to identify factors that influence UCL undergraduate students’ engagement with university careers provision. Two third year dissertations (Henry Wang & Chloe Wang, 2022) focused on understanding the employability skills that undergraduates value and undergraduates’ expectations of university careers services through semi-structured focus group sessions with Psychology with Education undergraduates across years one to three (N = 28). Study details and resources are publicly available online on UCL Repository (Wong, 2022).


UCL Changemaker Continuation Fund 2022/23: 

CUES – For Staff Project

Building on the findings from the CUES study, Dr Keri Wong and two student co-researchers embarked on CUES – For Staff, a project that involved communicating findings from the CUES study and in-person discussions on with Undergraduate (UG) (N = 9) and Postgraduate (PG) teaching staff (N = 8) on how they can better integrate careers guidance into their teaching curricula. The UG and PG workshops took place on two separate occasions, with a third one taking place online for those who couldn’t make the previous sessions (N = 5). It was evident from both workshops that the staff were pleased to be there, and they all had lots that they wanted to discuss. 


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